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Original Acrylic Paintings

Please click on Gallery to see the images that are currently available. Size and price are indicated. If you have any questions please contact Studio Lalo at Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Comissioned Portraits

Commissioned portraits begin with sending us a minimum of two photographs of your desired subject. At least two proposed digital images will be emailed to you for your approval. Once approved, a price is agreed upon and a 25% deposit paid. A finished product is generally available for shipping within 30 days. If orders are backed up, indicating a longer time frame, customers will be informed with a new commitment befitting the existing work load.

You will notice that portraits tend to be unusual. Studio Lalo is known for images that are unique and often whimsical, with objects added that add to the appeal of the portrait. Should you have any request for added objects of any kind, please indicate in the Request for a Custom Portrait. The studio will get back to you with an acceptance of the portrait concept, and possibly alternative suggestions.


Gyclee, high quality prints are available of all paintings in limited editions of 25 only. Once 25 prints are sold, the image is no longer available. As for size, please contact Studio Lalo with a size request and someone will get back to you with the nearest available size.


See Photo Gallery. Like gyclee prints, photographs are available in limited additions of 25. Once a photo is sold out, it will be marked as such or removed from the gallery. You will notice that sizes and prices are available when you click on a photo in the gallery.

If you are interested in a photo that you own be turned into an acrylic painting, please email a copy of the photo to Studio Lalo and the artist will get back to you within 7 days with a declaration of acceptance (of concept) and/or suggestions for the painting. This process often involves at least one conversation by phone, to clarify the concept. Once a size and price is set and agreed upon, a 25% deposit is made, a commitment for delivery is made, and the process of creating the painting begins. Before the final product is achieved, customers are provided with at least 2 digital proofs to accept or modify.