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About Lalo

I want others to witness the nobility and artistry of people who live outside the “civilized” industrial world. I collect African tribal art, and Sepic River art from New Guinea. I am struck by the beauty of various South American primitive cultures, especially the Amazonia. But that’s not all. I have a love of abstract expression, and as you can see, anything that makes me want to take a picture or a brush to canvas. I now live in the land of “magical realism” and have become susceptible to the influence of myth, distorted reality and dreams in my work. Recently, quite a few of my images have come from my own dreams. What I want to transmit through my art is the feeling that a veil has been lifted, and the viewer has been treated to a new experience, something that penetrates what is normally observed, interpreted and felt. That is they way that I feel about the art that surrounds me in my apartment and studio and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

About Lalo

Name: Edward Davis
Location: Medellin – Colombia

Edward Davis AKA “Lalo” is a painter, photographer and collector of Primitive art from Northern California, near San Francisco now residing in Medellin. He loves Medellin for its vibrant culture and love of life.Edward has long had a fascination with indigenous, tribal cultures which has influenced much of his own art. At the encouragement of other artists, he began painting seriously and has matured into an artist admired by other far more experienced artists (see reviews).


Edward has drawn, painted, and taken pictures since he was a child. In 2011, at the encouragement of other artists, he declared his intention to become a professional. Since that time, he has worked as a photographer for another professional artist, participated in several art shows in Northern and Southern California and attended art classes and learned to use software such as Photoshop.

For the past 2.5 years, Edward has lived in Colombia, and has been painting six days a week. His work has gained notoriety including newspaper articles, exhibitions (including a major exhibition at Eafit University in Sept./Oct. of 2018.

Edward has earned the description “emerging artist” as more and more artists, curators and fans speak out about his work. He would rather be designated an international artist than North American as he has lived outside the US for over ten years, and as his influences come from all over the world.


Empezó En África – EAFIT
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