''Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time''

Black Bowl One
Sphere Use
Stivie Ray
Christ In The Gutter
Brugge Street B
Shy Girl
Spirits Huddling
The Crucifixion Of Satan

My Inspiration

“ A significant emerging artist, one who understands color as a means of expression better than most. Edward can only get better and better”

- Alis Rameckers Acclaimed Norwegian Artist

“Edward Davis is a genuine 21 st Century artist who combines freehand and digital painting, photography and brush to make powerful images that speak of life and death, of culture and spirituality. He combines raw images with vibrant color to give his works a deep found emotion and enduring appeal. His works have a power rarely seen among contemporary artists”

David Burton-Richardson Artist/Poet

"Ned’s use of color reminds me of the masters. His subjects and composition show a sensitivity to the human condition that is rare in contemporary art."

Wolfsey Artist

"Edward Davis (aka Lalo) is a new generation of Artist, one who combines new Digital printing, new technology, and paint, to make powerful and dramatic images that speak of life and death, of culture, and spirituality. Edward Davis is a great Artist for the 21st Century. One who combines raw images with vibrant colour. An Artist who transcends the basic reality of life and gives these wonderful works an enduring quality, another world of primitive beauty. They show a deep found emotion, real, yet not real, a sad yet highly optimistic future. These works have a power rarely seen in many Artists of today. A sometimes dark world, known only within the Artists mind. They show humanity, life and death, but also brings us all hope. The Landscape works also have this deep found human quality, where colour and form becomes one with each other, an expressive balance of raw emotion but also one that is very pleasing to the Eye."

- David Burton-Richardson Artist

"First, I really liked the painting titled Psychedelic Warriors. It is very human and at the same time very scary but I still feel that the colors express peacefulness. Second, in the painting African Shaman I see a face with hidden questions and I cry for something more. Third, I also like Middle Earth very much. Especially the combination of colors and the composition. Good work. Fourth, in Eel Out Of Water, I really liked the use of blue colors."

- Alis Rameckers Artist

"I have had the honor of meeting this talented and super friendly artist in person. We met at an art show and I saw his amazing artwork and fell in love. I am a very proud owner of a Lalo original and am so excited to see that he has launched a new website!!! Thank you Lalo for being so sweet to me and for selling me a piece of your artistic genius!"

- Yoli Fae Artist/Designer

"I have known Lalo “Edward” Davis for 25 years; and as an artist myself, actually witnessed and encouraged his blossoming into an accomplished painter. He has an exquisite eye for interesting atmosphere, geometries, character and personality as well as composition, so I encouraged him to get a good camera and start shooting, and to take up some traditional art workshops as well as digital sketching and painting techniques. Since then, Lalo’s artwork continues to develop amaze and delight–exploring the colors and people of Africa, abstractions, having fun with mummies or just a peaceful stroll through beautiful Bruges. His sense of the quirky is strong, which some might find weird. But in artist parlance, weird, of course, means awesome."

Gretchen Hecht Artist

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